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Le Chorro

Amazing podcast

Raw feelings, openness, funny, interesting, and so relatable. Must listen (:


Love it

Syd is so refreshingly honest & open! You would never think that a girl who looks like her would be as relatable as she is, thanks for not making others feel so alone! Found you through Annabelle DeSisto episode


Humor and Heart

Syd brings levity to heavy topics and makes her guests and listeners feel comfortable and highly entertained discussing them. Her episodes are the highlight of my week! She needs her own TV show interviewing people, like a nicer version of Chelsea Handler!



This podcast is amazing! I love how open and honest Syd is with guests. No subject is out of bounds and she delivers each and every episode! My absolute favorite podcast! Keep it up Syd!


Great Stuff

Want to be entertained? You come to the right place with Syd Wilder.


Honest and funny as hell

I love her honesty and willingness to go to any subject. A very real portrayal of life in LA and how social media has changed that experience. Entertaining, thought provoking and funny along the journey. Since she is so honest about her life and exes, it makes me wonder how many of them are leaving reviews here.


A Grandslam!

A great podcast Syd is amazing very talented and has an amazing heart. This podcast always has me smiling or laughing.

Solid Podcast!

Love the honesty and authenticity. Also hilarious.


Love this girl so much. Her wit, banter and ability to laugh at life’s ridiculousness makes me fall in love with her more and more! At this point what girl isn’t girl instarupted!? #CANRELATE

The most intriguing & entertaining podcast...Syd Wilder is fantastic!

To hear someone being so honest while still being hilarious is an unusual combination! Syd is so talented in so many areas that I’m not surprised to find that she’s also a very skilled Host. Her comedy and candor together are a refreshing duality, & I’m looking very forward to hearing the rest of her topics, guests, and her take on all things. Expect something “wild” from Wilder every time...she never disappoints!


Surprising how honest and hard hitting this gorgeous comic is in delving into real life, mental health topics. Can’t recommend this enough.

My review of episode 1

First off, I want to congratulate Syd Wilder on her new podcast Girl Instarupted. She is an absolutely talented woman. To listen to her talking about important topics is fantastic. I listened to episode 1, and it was very candid. It took me into a new side of her world. Most people are used to seeing Syd on Instagram a lot, but when you listen to this podcast, you will see there’s more to Syd than just the Instagram pictures. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Syd, once again, congratulations on your podcast. I look forward to hearing more soon. Yours truly, Clay.

So Good, So Real!

Great podcast can’t wait for more!

So helpful

Loved the first episode. I feel that the insight provided by Syd Wilder and Dr. Delaney on the topic is most helpful. For both those dealing with similar issues and those who know others dealing with them and/or just want to better understand, one can learn a great deal. Very engaging and very real, honest and informative. Awesome 

Love her!!!

Love Syd she is amazing and so honest!


A breath of fresh air, in a polluted world

Syd brings candor, humor and reality, as well as an openess into herself that is rarely found these days. Very entertaining and refreshing! I can't wait for more Syd, bring it!!!

Loved your frank discussions on tough topics

You are very brave! Pretty impressive first podcast episode. Congrats!⭐️


Best by far Ever!!!

I love your podcast I’m a big fan!! If you haven’t read this and haven’t subscribed do so now!!! I love your album cover!!! I’d love to have it for my phone😍

Excellent show to know more about Syd 

Excellent episode where I know more about Syd outside of social media after Part One of this podcast. Most people should identify with what she experienced and went through in her life where no one is alone. No one should judge a book by its cover nor pics on Instagram where there is more that we don't know from the person in them. I'm very glad that Syd has shared with what she went through as a reminder and to inspire ourselves to be more aware and to cope with some problems and situations that we may face.

Great Show

Amazing podcast cant wait to listen the new one

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